Magdala Road House Extension


Our task was to elevate the timeless style of a traditional house through a sensational extension that seamlessly blended the classic with the modern. The client sought a design that would not only pay homage to the traditional architecture but also introduce contemporary elements, ensuring a perfect balance between the old and the new. The focal point was the incorporation of midnight blue cabinetry, aiming to infuse a touch of contemporary chic into the space. 


transcends the conventional, taking the timeless style to the next level with a modern twist. The midnight blue cabinetry became a central feature, adding a layer of sophistication and contemporary flair to the classic Victorian setting. 

The unique colour scheme, carefully chosen and executed, became a statement in itself, capturing attention and creating a sense of elegance. The intricate design elements, from ornate detailing to thoughtful spatial planning, ensured that the house extension became an eye-catching yet harmonious addition to the existing structure.  The result is an extension that not only updates the classic style but does so in an elegant and captivating manner. The marriage of traditional charm and modern chic is a testament to our commitment to creating designs that stand the test of time.

This sensational house extension is not just an architectural achievement; it’s a celebration of the seamless integration of classic and contemporary aesthetics.

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