Garden Design & Landscaping

Garden Design and Landscaping

We design spaces. External landscapes are an extension to architecture, and we can assist in creating your outside room. From formal Countryside Gardens to small courtyard gardens the sitting of the building project can be integrated into the landscape to create a co-ordinated finish.

Connecting your building to the landscape will allow you to really experience the building in a unique way. Creating a seamless living from exterior to interior will create spaces for entertaining and creating unique experiences within the landscape.

Our focus on sustainability extends to outside the building where we believe it is vitally important to support and encourage biodiversity, improve landscapes for flora and fauna, improve landscapes from flooding through sustainable urban drainage. Our landscape designs go beyond just a designed scheme, we incorporate technical knowledge to create unique solutions to support sensitive planning applications to create a comprehensive solution.

Whether you want to transform multiple acres, or simple wish to make the most of small exterior spaces, Fingerprintstudios Architects will work with you to create beautiful gardens that will complement your home.

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