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We Design and Build Luxury Swimming Pools

Does the idea of a swimming pool at your home excite you. As Architects we have the experience in designing unique indoor and outdoor swimming pools. We can take your ideas and help you co-ordinate that dream indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

We can assist in designing a variety of pools from standard swimming pools to complex hybrid and hydrotherapy pools. We can assist in either separate indoor or outdoor pools but can also assist in a combination of the both.

We have designed swimming pools for modest suburban homes, basements and Listed Buildings. We have the experience to assist you in designing that dream addition to your home.

There is a vast variety of construction methods and solutions that can fit your needs and budget. Swimming pools are technically difficult and require specialist input from the outset. As architects not only will we help you navigate the various options for swimming pool layouts and construction methods we will also help you to control the costs. Swimming pools are a premium bespoke product and are always challenging to provide cost guidance through the outset. However we will always work with your budget in mind and as the details develop can help to provide greater guidance on the cost. In our experience a budget of £250,000 is a good starting point for an indoor swimming pool.

There are many joys of owning a bespoke designed architecture led swimming pool, including health and leisure benefits but also generally improving the value of your property.

Fingerprintstudios Architects expertise in swimming pool design, pool layouts, pool landscaping, pool lighting and pool plant rooms will leave you in safe hands for your dream swimming pool.

We also love creating bespoke health suites for homes and can assist in designing, spas, saunas, steam rooms, cold plunge pools and gyms to create that unique health suite for your property.

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