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Planning Applications and Permissions

The purpose of planning permission is to regulate the development and use of land in the public interest. Planning permission is required for most building work where the exterior and external mass is created, modified or extended. This can also include a proposed change of use of a building or land, or changes to a protected site, a heritage asset such as a listed building structure.

Regulations across Hampshire, West Sussex, Surrey and Dorset vary depending on the specific nature set by each Local Authority and Borough. These policies, standards and supplementary design guides are bound by the National Planning Policy Framework which sets out the context for Local Authorities to create and determine their local policies.

The Local Authorities planning department within the Council is responsible for deciding whether a development is able to proceed.

The process can be involved, and requires technical input from industry experts. Fingerprintstudios assist home owners and business owners with our wealth of experience across all types of planning applications, ranging from straight forward property extensions, to obtaining listed building consent for conservation and heritage buildings, as well as complex building alterations or new build developments.

Fingerprintstudios team provide straightforward expert advice, from initial consultations through to creating complete planning application to suit your individual requirements. Our advice is measured against the individual regulations set by each Council, to ensure the best success for each application. We will work with you to develop that solution is right for you.

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