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Building Control Partnership Service

Building regulations stage secures two things. The first is gaining official approval for the safety and security of your build, in order to start construction. The second is providing additional information to assist your build.

Our building control package will assist builders in providing comparative quotations and ensure you are getting a product that can be insured and used without problems. Our drawings and specifications will be prior approved meaning that the process of securing building control is stream lined assisting your contractor in building the project. Building Control ensures the safe habitation of your building project and reviews the following information, structure, fire safety, site preparation and resistance to contaminates and moisture, toxic substances, resistance to the passage of sound, ventilation, sanitation, hot water and drainage and waste disposal, combustion appliances and fuel storage, protection from falling, collision and impact, conservation of fuel and power, access to and use of the buildings, electrical safety, security and infrastructure for high speed electronic communications network.

We will work with a local approved inspector to obtain the initial full plans check approval. This information will then be passed onto your successful contractor. The successful contractor can then arrange the site visits with the inspector to satisfactory sign off of the project. A full plans check when followed by the builder will provide security for obtaining building control approval.

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