UKPN Substation and Head House


A new facility and structure co-ordinated with London Power Tunnels to assist in the new future proofing of London’s national power grid. 

Design of new foundations, building structure and co-ordination of the relocation of high voltage oil filled cables to assist in the co-ordination of this new national infrastructure. 


A new facility and structure created to support the ongoing base to allow UK Power Networks (UKPN) to plan, maintain and install infrastructure to keep the national grid and power on in London and surrounding counties.

This new facility saw the creation of new buildings and the refurbishment of an existing building to create the base for new operations.

The facility needed to provide a base for office staff and engineering staff to create a robust and functional building with both office areas, storage and workshop areas and engineering staff facilities for planned works.


These areas needed to be robust and low maintenance due to the nature of the heavy engineering works undertaken by UKPN.

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