Sky Diving Tunnel


Fingerprintstudios Architects where appointed to assist Flip Out with the design and technical co-ordination for a new sky diving facility on the South Coast of England.
Create a place for visitors to experience the thrill of sky diving with the safety of a new indoor facility as part of the offering of the successful flip out brand.


We worked with Flip Out to co-ordinate and design a new skydiving facility for Portsmouth on the South Coast.

With experience of industrial vents and pumping stations we were best placed to assist Flip Out in the technicalities of its execution as well as the details to work through the planning approval with Portsmouth City Council.

Detailed proposals assessing its scale and massing, noise impact assessments and consultations with National Rail were just a few of the detailed requirements required to resolve the successful planning application.

We were working on procuring the project and were working on the detailed proposals for its construction and unfortunately Covid 19 has seen the project parked indefinitely.

We were hopeful to see this challenging but exciting project come to fruition for Portsmouth and we hope to be involved in future exciting and unique projects in the future.

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