Consort House


To create a new base for the Surrey County Council Childrens Social Care Services. To create an environment to bolster the benefits to the community and continue to provide and strengthen services to ensure that children and young people are seen, heard, feel safe and can grow.

This was the first Council venture to relocate a number of services in satellite locations into one dedicated site.


This building created a dedicated workspace to allow a few different services and professional to work as one team to create a space to continue to support children and young people.

A number of dedicated spaces including one to one meeting spaces, secure and soundproof meeting rooms, secure front desk and security spaces, dedicated workspaces and specialist storage facilities to secure sensitive data. These specific needs beyond a normal workplace grow through topical conversation with stakeholders who delivered the services for the Council. In order to create the solution, we needed to understand the ins and outs and complexities in order to create a solution that will help to continue to provide a much needed service for the community.

This public sector project created a haven and secure environment to enable conversations to be held in private. This facility provides a much-needed dedicated resource and work environment to allow support for the community, support for families, support for fosterers, support for adoption and critically care for children and young people.

Our solution required very clear attention to detail to create secure and safe environments but specifically provides a welcoming and warm environment through what can be a very challenging time for families.

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