Heathrow Airport British Airways


As part of British Airways increase its aircraft fleet and with the addition of the new A380 air bus and the new Dreamliner’s, the existing 1970’s TBJ Hangar required alterations and refurbishment to cater for scheduled maintenance of British Airway’s new aircraft fleet.

The hangar has largely remained the same but needed a radical solution to allow the new fleet of aircraft to undergo scheduled maintenance to maintain flying. Through an understanding and feasibility study two cantilevered nose pods have been installed to increase the effective depth of the hangar with minimal changes to the interior creating a cost saving solution for British Airways.


As part of the existing fleet of British Airways fleet and the introduction of the Dreamliner and A380 Airbus, this existing hanger underwent a major 2 year refurbishment and extension to allow for A and B checks and scheduled maintenance of its fleet.

A clever and radical solution involved the concept design of a modest nose pod to the front of the hanger and major adaptions of the existing maintenance mezzanine to allow this new larger fleet to access into this 1970’s hanger.

This has resulted in an interesting solution that has enabled British Airways to accommodate there growing fleet.

Careful consideration to phasing to allow the existing fleet to be maintained throughout the course of the works was required to ensure continued service for clients whilst the work was undertaking. Careful planning and structure were in place to ensure this smooth operation.

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