Waste recycling centre


This was a joint venture with Veolia for the submission for a solution to handle Bradfords household waste.

Through the hundreds of entries our solution came second through the competition.


This proposed solution would have seen a facility that filtered sorted and recycled household waste done to its absolute minimum with the remaining residue waste that could not be recycled sent to a local energy from waste centre.

The facility would use high grade bio-filters, bio drying tunnels a refinement area and a network of hidden tunnels pump stations and conveyor belts to sort and refine the household waste.

All recyclables would be obtained and sent to other facilities for recycling with the final digestive waste creating bio fuel which was envisaged to be used for a new fleet of waste collection vehicles.

The facility was designed with education in mind with a new visitor centre and a friendly gantry allowing the process of the facility to be seen and experienced allowing visitors the chance to have an educational experience about waste management and solutions to manage our ever growing waste.

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