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In response to the brief for office refurbishment, our project at Andrew and Andrew solicitors involved the conversion of a former retail shop into dedicated offices. Situated in the conservation area of Emsworth High Street within a period property, the undertaking required a change of use application and careful consideration of design elements, including signage and interior office layout. 


The successful completion of the Andrew and Andrew Solicitors project highlights our expertise in navigating the intricacies of conservation areas and adapting period properties for contemporary professional use. The conversion of the retail space into dedicated offices required meticulous planning and creative design solutions.  The office refurbishment seamlessly blends with the historical charm of Emsworth High Street, respecting the unique character of the conservation area.

A change of use application was diligently processed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements while preserving the integrity of the period property.  A key aspect of the project involved the design of signage options, harmonising with both the historical context and the professional identity of Andrew and Andrew Solicitors. The signage not only serves a functional purpose but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the office exterior. 

The interior office layout was carefully considered to optimise functionality and efficiency. Utilising advanced design tools such as AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop, we created a workspace that caters to the specific needs of the solicitors. The integration of technology and contemporary design elements ensures a professional and conducive environment for legal practice.  The use of AutoCAD allowed for precise planning and execution, ensuring that the interior layout maximizes available space while meeting the functional requirements of a legal office. Adobe Photoshop played a pivotal role in visualizing design concepts, allowing for a collaborative and iterative design process with the client.

In conclusion, the Andrew and Andrew Solicitors project is a testament to our ability to seamlessly integrate modern office functionality into a period property within a conservation area. The thoughtful consideration of design elements, meticulous planning, and utilization of advanced design tools result in a refurbished office space that aligns with both regulatory requirements and the professional ethos of the solicitors.

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