Three things about Spa Flooring

Spas, swimming pools and jacuzzi all create a welcoming environment for recreation and relaxation. Flooring choice can make or break the success and use of the space. Here are 3 things to consider when selecting your floor finishes.

1. Finishes

The selection of your coping stone, the main floor tiling and the colour of your swimming pool or spa housing are integral visual aspects of your spa space. 

Careful consideration to these three large elements and their finish and interface is critical down to the installation specification. Dissimilar materials, porous grouts and tiles and lack of consideration to salts and chemicals could leave your spa looking worse for wear. 

2. Skimmer Lids

Spas are functioning spaces and need ongoing maintenance. Access to lights and the pools skimmer lids can see the need for regular access. 

This detail is often forgotten, and we feel with a little consideration and careful detailing and supply chain integration these details can become a co-ordinated work of art. 

3. R Rating

R rating is the measure of the slip resistance of the floor finish chosen. Spas and swimming pools can be dangerous spaces. It is integral to ensure that the slip rating of the floor finish is suitable for the design intent of the space. 

Choosing the finishes and its performance specification is a critical part of ensuring that your space can be used and loved without unfortunate accidents. 

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