Three Reasons to Employ an Architect

Making spatial changes to your home or business is not cheap, so finding the right designer to create a bespoke solution for you is fundamental. You may feel that are architects are costly, so why not just employ a technician, architectural designer, draftsperson, or builder for the same purpose?

1. Coordination

Construction is complicated and demands a lot of coordination across multiple disciplines. Architects do not just deal with the conceptual side, they also have a technical, legal, and economical understanding that comes into the design process. These are all the components to a successful space. Going cheaper to ‘save a couple of quid’ on something so complex, specialist, and important will compromise on one aspect or more of the design process. As the old saying goes “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur”. 

2. Innovation

No brief is the same, just like no person is the same, so why go for copy and paste design? Architects understand this need for bespoke, high-quality, and innovative design. They have an awareness of new technologies, which they can implement as part of the work, or in a sequenced way. This means your home or business will be ahead of its time, and future proofed. Implementing high quality design will not just boost the mood of its end users, it will increase the sale value of your home or business. 

3. Save Money

Architects push for long term strategies, ultimately making your home or business cheaper to run in the long run. Additionally, unlike builders, Architects are not in the business of building, just for the sake of building! They are bound by a strict Code of Conduct that demands they be transparent about whether a new building or extension is the solution. After engaging an Architect, you may find that all your home or business needs is a clever re-configuration! This will save time, money, and stress. Unsure what direction to take your home or business? Why not give us a call and we will help find a beautiful, practical, high quality, and economical solution. 

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