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Architects apply impartial and creative thinking to projects. Our structured training sees a minimum of 7 years of education before qualification with structured continued professional development. We strike the balance of quality, cost and time which ultimately produces a better end product.

At the startof your project you should start looking for an Architect. Fingerprintstudios Architects provide important pre-design services including site evaluation, and can help you explore the options you may not have considered. Involving us at the early stages can help avoid costly mistakes, and increase the likelihood of your satisfaction and success of the project.

Fairly and honestly. Our fees are calculated based on your brief, the opportunities and constraints of the site and project, the complexity of the solution.  Our fees will either be a fixed fee, and hourly rate or a percentages of the project value. Sometimes depending on the project this can be a mixture of the above. In all our fees are always prepared with providing the best possible service and solution for your project.

From a clients perspective it can be tempting to mitigate the costs of an Architect. While it’s true there are cheaper options outside of qualified Architects, an Architect can provide skill and expertise in saving you money through clever design solutions and alternative specification.

An architect’s design can reduce energy and maintenance costs, and provide an efficient layout so that you don’t overbuild what you really need. They can turn a difficult lot into a successful building site. And they spend time planning and fully developing your ideas to avoid changes once construction is underway.

We are appointed by you to find the best possible solution and balance of money, cost and time. Compared to trusting others Architects are bound by a code of conduct and as such will provide you with the best possible product.

Our fees are competitive and produced with our service and process in mind, however if you find a comparable service and cost and would like to work with us we are always happy to see what we
can do without compromising our service, process and delivery.
We work on simple house extensions, multiple residential units to complex sky diving tunnels. We can undertake all elements of the planning applications but sometimes depending on the project we may utilise the experience and knowledge of a planning consultant.
We have an established list of building contractors and specialist craftsman and sub-contractors.
They all vary in capability and specialism. We would be happy to provide details of builders for your use.
However we always prefer to put our product out to competitive tender to secure the best possible product.
We love designing swimming pools. We can design indoor and outdoor swimming pools and help co-ordinate plant rooms, spas, hot tubs and steam room and saunas.
Depending on the size of the Local Authority handling the application timescales may improve or be effected. Typically 2-4 Weeks for the application to be registered and assigned to a planning officer and 8 weeks for determination. Sometimes an additional 1-2 weeks is requested from the Local Authority to finalise the paperwork.
Our building regulation drawings and specifications contain the technical details of the project and provide supporting information to show compliance with the Building Regulations. These drawings also have the benefits of assisting the building in quoting and constructing the project.
The information produced focuses in on compliance with the regulations but does not show the details of finishes and detailed co-ordinated construction detailing.
Yes, once we have our drawings, schedules and specifications prepared we will then submit for review. We will liaise with the Building Regulations officer and confirm any queries they may have with our proposed solution. Once authorised we will send you the plan check certificate.
An Architect is a building designer. We have extensive training and it takes on average 7-10 years to understand design and construction. We are skilled in many areas including; building design, planning policy, building regulations, building and construction contracts, land law, construction law to name a few. Here are five good reasons to employ an Architect:
1. We are trained professionals governed by a code of conduct.
2. Creativity! We come up with ideas to suit your brief.
3. We will consider the design quality of your space.
4. We handle the paperwork on your behalf, making it stress free for you.
5. We can support you while your project is being built.
Each city, county and respective Councils operate using their unique design guides and Local Planning Policies.
Our work is focused within a 1 Hour drive on the South coast of England. This allows us to keep abreast of changing National and Local policies that may influence and effect your project. Since our inception in 2010 we have continued to develop and maintain relationships with Local Councils assisting us in obtaining positive consents.

Our initial phone call consultation is completely free. This is typically 30mins long.

If you would like to meet in person to discuss your project an onsite visit for 1 hr which is charged at £85. During this time we can explore your project, discuss the planning and project constraints and discuss some ideas and potential solutions.

During the 30min free consultation, we will take some details about the project and brief. Use the power of google to look at the project site and provide some impartial advice on the risks and opportunities. Were appropriate we can also provide a budget guide of our consultation fees.

The initial consultation is a time for us to discuss your requirements and to see if you feel we are the right company for your project.

At this time we will discuss your brief, ideas and concepts and through our expertise and experience we can provide some impartial advice. During the meeting you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions, or ask for clarification of anything that has been discussed.

We are passionate about what we do, we’re local first, and we have plenty of customers who can back us up. We have decades of experience and we’re genuinely passionate about what we do. If you’re still not sure, give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for and we will be more than happy to advise.

Our range of architectural services provides exceptionally good value for money.
Through our experience and dedication our professional attention to detail will give you added value through the most efficient use of space and careful selection of materials and finishes. We optimise the building and work with its existing structure to prevent unnecessary cost. Our solutions are holistic and consider the project as a whole.
Building control applications are the formal procedures to prove your building work or project meets Building regulations. We love to be involved in this detailed phase and this is were we feel we add value to your project. We can assist with developing detailed designs to help secure your building control final certificate.
We have experience of historic buildings and listed buildings. We love to work on them and restore and protect the heritage found in our unique and wonderful history. We have extensive career experience of Grade 2, Grade 1 and scheduled ancient monuments. We are proud to have worked in partnership with
English Heritage on some of the UK most importance and unique assets.
We aim to be able to start the work within 2-4 weeks from receipt of the initial deposit. During our mobilisation period we prepare to provide the sufficient amount of resources ready to start your project.
Building Regulations are a set of standards and rules that have been produced by the Government to ensure safety, health, and energy efficiency of buildings. They apply to all aspects of architecture, including construction, alteration, and the extension of buildings. 

Typically yes. Depending on the design, we will advise you if a Structural Engineer is required. Structural Engineers provides technical expertise to ensure the structure is safe and secure.
Fingerprintstudios are proud to have technical expertise against our competitors. Within our designs we provide a high level strategy to assist the Structural Engineer from unnecessary complex structural designs. This ultimately will save you the client money.
As a professional practice we hold appropriate insurance cover for our projects. Including Employers Liability, Public Liability and Products Liability. Compared to our competitors we also have specific insurance to enable us to work on:
1. Basement and underground Structures.
2. Swimming Pools and Spas.
Construction prices vary depending on location, global and national economic pressures and these can affect the design. We pride ourselves on providing guidance on your budget and simple elements such as:
1.Vat. Value Added Tax.
2.Consultancy fees.
3.Council and Local Authority Fees.
Will all need to be factored into account as a part of your journey to procure your project?
We will provide guidance along the way and provide our design expertise to find solutions to
create a project with distinction without the price tag.