Are you lost and unsure how to secure Planning Permission?

1. Pre Application

Pre-application advice allows discussions with your Local Planning Authority and is encouraged as it can: 

– Verify your list of requirements. 

– Identify key planning policies. 

– Highlight the need for further consultants, like flood risk consultants, habitat surveys as examples. 

– Assess the likely hood of success. 

Identify potential problems in the proposal. 

2. Planning Application

A Planning Application is detailed information required by the Local Authority for the owner of land to gain permission or consent to: 

– Build on land. 

– Change the use of land. 

– Change the use of a building or structure. 

– Extend and adapt a building. 

Planning applications can be simple or complex but using an Architect to guide you through will enable greater chance of success. 

3. Permitted Development

Not all development requires the need of a Planning Permission. Your development may fall within the category of Permitted Development which allows you to develop your project without the need for lengthy permissions. 

Permitted Development allows a set criterion from central Government to allow certain building works and changes of use. An Architect can help you determine when something falls within this criterion and the necessary paperwork to main 

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